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Big guy in a wheelchair comes in and wheels up to the bar with his caregiver. ¬†After about half a beer, he suddenly started getting really mean to the bartender- calling her fat, stupid, etc. She runs in the back crying. Eventually he rolls up to the host podium and blurts out “you think you’re better than everyone, don’t you?!” and begins to go off on how he’s a sexy man and the host is a slut, conceited, and all sorts of awesomeness.

The host went to grab a manager. By the time she comes out, he is back at the bar. Here, he starts very loudly screaming at her as well. She tells him he needs to leave and he starts getting even more belligerent, so I call the police. The police arrived within minutes, which only pissed him off even more. He’s refusing to leave the building, calling the cops horrible names, trying to run everyone in the general vicinity over with his wheelchair, and even attempting to throw his colostomy bag at an officer. Eventually, once a van shows up to take him into custody, he agrees to leave after being cited for disorderly conduct and larceny.