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I had a lady send back 4 bottles of the same wine. I would go through the entire process of uncorking and letting her try it. Finally I suggested maybe she try another wine and boy did I hear an earful from her. Snobby Bitch.



Serving at a bar, and this girl asks me to do something about a group of girls being in the only bathroom for over 45 minutes. I bust in after they refuse to open the door. They claim their friend is sick (food poisoning, lol) Turns out they were shooting up and we had to call an ambulance for the girl who apparently took on more than she could handle. Lame.


There is no excuse for this type of behavior…ever. This is a true injustice and blatant disregard for humanity. I hope these animals are persecuted to the full extent of the law for acting like animals and physically assaulting a waitress in her work place.

I had a 3 top tonight and these “gentlemen” wrote SEXY were the tip is supposed to go…Sorry guys sexy doesn’t pay the bills!


I witnessed a mother change her son child’s shit covered diaper on my table today. Children don’t poop rainbows and sunshine! Ma’am you are disgusting and unsanitary! People eat on that surface!!!


My single biggest pet peeve is when working a big party and taking drink orders. After finishing taking the last persons order the first person asks ” where’s my drink?”


Table of 6 . two two year olds destroyed the floor. 4 Adult Fat Asses had seven refills each of sweet at the table ,and took a refill to go as well.Needed extra napkins, extra ranch, grapes only for their brats instead of the preportioned mixed fruit that we typically use.They also ordered a to go lunch .Ran my ass off for them.The dad pays the bill and says ” everything was great I wish I could have left you more- but the bill was 70$and we are feeding other peoples kids” The tip was 2 freakin dollars on a 70 check !!!!!!—- HERES AN IDEA —-TAKE YOUR MORONIC WEST VIRGINIA HILLBILLY ASSES TO THE GROCERY STORE AND BUY SEVENTY DOLLARS WORTH OF GROCERIES NEXT TIME. Instead of WASTING my time and keeping me from making a decent tip from a NON-jerk.