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I wasn’t a bartender but I worked as a bus boy my first year of college. One day after work the managers told everyone that we needed to start cutting people off that looked like they were too drunk. The next night I over heard a waiter talking to his 6 top.

Waiter: How is everyone?

First Customer: Can we get another round?

Waiter: I can get one for everyone else but you can’t even look at me straight. I’m sorry but I have to cut you off.

Second Customer: DUDE, She’s been cross eyed since birth!

Waiter: One round coming right up!



I was mortified tonight! This lady told asked if we had chocolate cake, her friend just passed away and wanted to be reminded of her good chocolate cake she made. I told her, “Oh yeah! We have an amazing chocolate lava cake omg it’s to die for!” At first I didn’t realize what I said…then the woman welled up and started crying! I felt terrible!