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I accidentally banged my co-worker last night…


Sneaking shots mid shift with my co-worker crush in anticipation of sitting on his face later.


I work at a restaurant on the beach. One of my tables by the window was a family of 3 (Mom Dad and 5 year old son) they called me over and asked if I could close all the blinds in the restaurant. I thought that was a strange request since it was such a nice day, until I looked down at the beach and caught a middle-aged couple having sex right on the sand!

Couple having sex on the beach

I couldn’t help it, I had to take a picture and share it with!


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Over the summer I was working at a bar as a bartender, the bar was pretty big so there were about 4 bouncers working that night. The night was getting late and the crowd was getting more and more inebriated. It’s about 2:30 am and everyone is pretty drunk and the DJ is playing his final few dance songs and I look over and see one of the bouncers dancing with this hott foreign chick and I couldn’t believe my eyes because she was really hott and him….not so much….. All of a sudden the girl hits the deck and lands right on her face. So my buddy goes over to help her up and she asks him to walk her home (she lived in the apartment building right next door). So they leave and we figure that he’s going to get some action, so good for him. Before you know it my buddy comes back in to the bar and tells everyone that she’s blowing him outside in the parking lot right next to some van. So like any normal guys we went outside to see what was going on.

We get outside and there is my buddy, pants down, leaning up against the van with the biggest smile in the world on his face loving every second of it. Why they chose the parking lot when she lives next door still boggles my mind. Now the bar is pretty much emptied out and the only people left there were staff. As my buddy walks back in we all (bouncers, bartenders, managers) gave him a nice round of applause and had some good laughs about it.


Just watched my 22 year old co-bartender leave with a 40 something cougar that was chatting him up all night.