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While I was working tonight I was thinking about the fact that I have had sex with the owner on about every square foot of the restaurant :)

Sorry not sorry


I hear one twenty something woman say to another “Did he try to buttfuck you? Because he tried to buttfuck me.”

It is, to this day, the best thing I have ever overheard.


When you know you have been in the business a tad too long…when overweight lesbians having sex on the bathroom sink in a busy nightclub bathroom doesn’t shock you but just pisses you off because now you have to fix a broken sink.


Had a guy come in 2 days in a row with different women. The second night he pulled me aside, slipped me $20 and said, “I was never here last night with anyone.”


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The really drunk dude in the red hat decided to go home with the ugly version of Sea-Biscuit…

Horse lady goes home with drunk guy

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