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I was a host for a busy seafood place and the waiters were dumb as rocks, so I used to mess with them all the time. One story sticks out:

Waitress: My customer wants to know where this fish is from?

Me: The Sea of Tranquility.

Waitress: Thanks!

Giggle, giggle, heel-spin, and she’s telling the table where its from.

*1 minute later*

Waitress: You are such a fucking asshole!


I am a host. Tonight I showed a girl to her table. Twenty minutes later I had to remove the same girl as she was crying her heart out (very loudly!) having been stood up!


I work as a Host at TGI Fridays. Sometimes during really busy shifts I’ll help servers out by taking initial drink orders when I seat tables. Well, its Friday night, we’re almost at full capacity and I seat a group of 5 or 6 really “LOUD” people. I see the server for that section busy with a 10 top so I’m like, “I’ll get these guys drinks”.

Well, all is going okay and then this probably 8 or 9 year old girl tells me “I want juice”. I ask her what kind, and she says, seemingly dumbfounded at my question, “Juice”. I’m totally lost so I just ask again and her (I’m assuming) mother says to me “Damn boy just get her the juice.” I ask “What kind does she like” and she says back “What you mean what kind? Its juice”. At this point I’m just done so I guess apple juice. I bring it back and she says “No, JUICE” and nobody at the table seems to think there is anything wrong with this request so I just apologize and get the manager to work it out. Just, holy fuck this little girl is going to vote and procreate one day and I’m just scared for that.