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I am writing this story at the desk of my brand new job. During college I worked at a steak house as a waiter and I waited on a couple clearly on a first date. They looked a little older than me (I was 20 at the time) Let me say that she was WAY to good looking for him. Anyways, they were super polite and racked up a $150.00 tab. I drop the check then go to the well to grab some other drinks. The guy from my table taps me on the shoulder and looks panicked. He says in a very frantic voice, “Sir, I am on a first date and I am $40 short…is there anything I can do, wash dishes, take out trash, I am so sorry I just got so nervous I really like her and I just….I am so sorry.” For some reason I felt for him, and I spotted the $40. I figured I was buying Karma points and that money was gone forever. They left and I thought nothing of it. 2 days later the guy comes back with $80 bucks and thanks me explicitly. He explained how he really is into this girl and they are going out again and he owes me. I thank him and wish him well.

Fast forward 3 years, I graduate and have an interview for a job. I get into the office and low and behold my young lovebird is the one doing the interview. On his desk is a picture of him in a tux and the girl he was on a date with in a wedding dress (THEY GOT MARRIED!) He instantly recognizes me and I was hired on the spot! Still blows my mind!


Had a dine and dash table of 3 teens one night I was working. Our host recognized one kid from school saying his dad is a firefighter. My manager called the fire department and 30 minutes later a fire truck rolls up with lights on. The kid and his dad walk in. The dad made his son apologize to the server, management, and pay. I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in my life.


I had this jerk kid at one of my tables today. He was loud, unruly, talked back to his parents, was messy, and over all just a bad person. I understand that you are like 5 but that doesn’t give you the right to be such a punk. Anyway this little hotshot gets up and runs full speed face first into the corer of a table. He falls down and immediately starts crying. I gave myself a high five.


Guy was eating alone late one weeknight. Finished his meal, then spent the next two hours reading magazines and ordering one drink after another. The bartender finally came out and had a look at him, then instructed the waitress to cut him off. He reacted poorly, as in: called the waitress every name he could think of, composed himself, walked around to the bar and motioned the bartender over, then took a swing at her.

At this point the cooks had been called to the front of the house, and the manager told the man to pay his bill and fuck off. He went back, put cash on the table, and left. And here’s where it gets awesome. He continued shouting biologically-specific profanities as he walked to his car. Finally he lurched into the landscaped area beneath the restaurant’s windows and tried to pull a miniature palm tree up by the roots, failed, and then stood screaming and staring in horror as his shredded hands spurted blood.

In the meantime one of the waitresses had called her cop boyfriend, who showed up just as the guy had gotten in his car and was driving out of the parking lot. DUI. Sometimes karma is instant, and she is a bitch.