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Don’t be vague. When you say, “I want a beer,” and I ask you what kind, don’t just say “the good kind.” I don’t know if you mean Bud Light or Blue Moon or Zipline Oatmeal Stout or Lucky Bucket Peach Wheat or WHAT. Don’t make us guess. If it’s up to me you get a framboise because I think its funny to say : )


For some reason the dishwasher has started to turn its self on, while its still open. FML.


I work at a breakfast joint, this guy ordered an omelet with spinach instead of red onions, cheddar cheese instead of mushrooms, artichokes instead of black olives and anchovies instead of green peppers with extra cheese and bacon added to the whole thing (wait, will that be an up charge?). That’s not even vaguely the same thing chief. The kitchen was pissed.


If you are a piece of shit redneck, and your credit card gets declined at the restaurant, and you can’t afford your food you ordered, and your letting your fat nasty kids drink mountain dew at 8 PM, the best thing to do is complain to the manager about your waitress and what “bad service” you had.

Because obviously your waitress is the problem.

Insert rage.