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Today I served an obese ginger family. There were 7 of them and they all needed extra ranch. I thought this was some kind of mathematical impossibility? Either way I could literally feel my soul being sucked out of my body every time I refilled a coke. Do you automatically get diabetes after 7 coke refills? Weeeellllll the fat version of the Weasly family from Harry Potter managed to rack up a $267.87 check only to leave $3.13 for my effort….my only consolation is that they would all probably burst into flames if the sun were to ever touch their creepy pale skin.


A lady asked me if we had any VEGAN omelettes.  I then told her we had a vegetarian omelette but I’m pretty sure vegan omelettes don’t exist since omelettes usually have eggs in them.  She asked to talk to my boss about my “attitude problem” *Face Palm*


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