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Back in the day I worked at BD’s Mongolian Grill. Now this restaurant was pretty close to some major colleges and one night a party of college-age guys in suits and ties come in. I can only assume this was a fraternity party and I seat them and move on. When I go to clean the bathrooms, one of the frat boys goes into the men’s bathroom. Being female, I stay outside of the bathroom until it’s empty so I can clean it but in the brief moment when he walked in I saw him go into the only stall.

I wait outside for a good fifteen or twenty minutes, bouncing back and forth between the host counter and waiting for him to get out. I had a hawk’s eye on the door and watched as 3-4 other people went in and out while he was in there (because there is a urinal as well).

Suddenly he emerges, nervous, only to tell me that “someone” had pooped his pants in the bathroom and left them there. Of course the only someone who had been in that stall for the last half-hour was him. With a firm glare, dripping with sarcasm I said “Oh, well that person must have been very ‘special'”.

My manager cleaned the bathroom that night. I just sprayed air freshener haha.