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There is  a dishwasher that would eat food off of the plates when no one was looking…. I was looking….


why even take the time to go to a restaurant if your master plan is to order water (for a party of 6!) and ALL share 1 entree and 1 appetizer???!!!


There are ups and downs about having a chill manager who is generally higher than I am:

1.) Having a high manager means he’s chill…so his bitching is minimal..This is an UP SIDE
2.) Having a high manager means he will NEVER schedule you within your availability therefore asking for days off is mostly a waste of time….This is most definitely a DOWN SIDE
3.) Side snaking is not an issue…sometimes he brings treats


21 year old wine connoisseurs! Just because you may have gone to a vineyard with your parents, you still don’t know shit…you’ve probably been drinking for what, 6 months? Puh-leeeeese!


When you find yourself unhappy with your entrée the first time around, it is fair game to send it back. When you find yourself unhappy with your entrée the second time around, we will- although slightly annoyed-send it back again.  When you find yourself unhappy with your entrée the THIRD time around, it is no longer even an option to send anything back…. RECONSIDER RE-RE-RE ORDERING AN ENTRÉE YOU OBVIOUSLY DISLIKE…ITS JUST NOT WORKING OUT.


Something everyone should know about the service industry: whenever you hear a coworker say they did something “like a boss” , it is  safe to  assume they did nothing and are just taking credit for someone else’s work. Lets face it, we all work for tips here…no need for overachieving.