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The following scenario or any scenario remotely similar to the following should not, under any circumstance, yield confusion:

me charging you for 5 drinks when you ordered 10….unless you thought you were getting them all comped…which wlll NEVER happen.

Note to all the confused: as long as you are being served by servers (who rely on tips to pay for life), getting hooked up for only half of the drinks consumed throughout the night really isn’t half bad.


Something everyone should know about the service industry: whenever you hear a coworker say they did something “like a boss” , it is  safe to  assume they did nothing and are just taking credit for someone else’s work. Lets face it, we all work for tips here…no need for overachieving.


What is it with seniors and chicken nuggets?! You are obviously not 10 years old…either kick rocks or go to McDonalds…,you ordering  from the kid’s menu is not an option.


You know you have entitlement issues when your:
1.) Full grown and obviously middle-aged
2.) Still not old enough to experience shame when you break into tears because the seat you want is currently not available


Serving may not require an excessive amount of schooling and certification. However, the position does require it’s candidates to listen to many, many, many people bitch about their personal problems…coincidence? I think not!