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Today I served an obese ginger family. There were 7 of them and they all needed extra ranch. I thought this was some kind of mathematical impossibility? Either way I could literally feel my soul being sucked out of my body every time I refilled a coke. Do you automatically get diabetes after 7 coke refills? Weeeellllll the fat version of the Weasly family from Harry Potter managed to rack up a $267.87 check only to leave $3.13 for my effort….my only consolation is that they would all probably burst into flames if the sun were to ever touch their creepy pale skin.


A lady asked me if we had any VEGAN omelettes.  I then told her we had a vegetarian omelette but I’m pretty sure vegan omelettes don’t exist since omelettes usually have eggs in them.  She asked to talk to my boss about my “attitude problem” *Face Palm*


I had a woman order a shot of “Jose Swerve-Oh”…..Then proceed to tell me about her 3 DUIs


I worked at a pretty nice fondue restaurant which held “ladies night” a couple times each month. It gave customers a discount drink list and discounted meals for one, since most of the stuff on the menu is for couples. There was a group of women that came in every time, being sure to rotate their members to keep it to 5 at a table, so that they would not fall into the 18% auto-grat.

Every server knew them by name and each time they came in with the same complaints. Ordering the same food and them complaining that they don’t like it, or remembering that they are allergic to something in the salad so that they could send it back and have a reason not to tip.

The most anyone ever got on one of their tables (always over $150 combined bill) was around $12, paid in mostly change. Most of the servers began requesting off on ladies nights, because it was luck of the draw if you got their table(s) and it is hard to get enough tables while serving 4 intricate courses in a night to recover from such a terrible tip.


Today I had a customer order a dish that comes with vegetables and mash potatoes. He asked if he could have an extra side of mashed potatoes and I informed him it would be $2.50 extra. With a heavy sigh, he agreed.

Did you think I could just give you extra food for free?

Anyway, the kitchen informs me that we are out of mashed potatoes and have cubed ones instead. I inform the man this and he goes BERZERK!

Man : WHAT!! Are you serious? You seriously don’t have mashed potatoes? How do you run out of mashed potatoes? Is this serious?

Me: Well sir, there are only 2 dishes on the menu that come with mashed potatoes, so they don’t prepare that much in the morning. If you like though we have the cubed potatoes, or could could do extra vegetables or pasta.

Man: But I want mashed potatoes!

Me: I’m really sorry sir, is there anything we can substitute instead?

Man: No, I want mashed potatotes and I won’t be happy unless I get them.

Me: I’m sorry sir.

He then gets up and walks out. After him and his wife already drank all their drink and ate their salads.



I will never understand why people get so appalled when I ask for their name to put on the wait list. How the fuck else am I supposed to find you when your table is ready?…telepathically put a name to your face, track you down on facebook, to THEN locate you in the restaurant to get you seated?


Someone please tell me why my manager, who is mean and condescending AND who happens to also lack common sense is on salary while we all have to work our asses off to make decent money??!

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Hello, my name is Chris. I am the owner and founder of Every once in a while a story crosses my path that truly affects me. The woman seen abusing Dunkin’ Donuts employees in this video is a 27-year-old Florida woman Taylor Chapman. For some unexplained reason she decided to film herself verbally attacking the day shift employees of a Dunkin’ Donuts. Armed with an iPhone and a slew of ignorant raciest remarks she recorded herself complaining about not receiving a receipt for a previous order. It truly makes me sad that anyone could treat people in this manner. So to enact a little revenge for the Dunkin’ Donuts employees that were mistreated I decided to write an article about her. Click the picture to see her in action and read the article.


Cosmo article insults waitress

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Just the other night man, this happened to me. Some customer comes into the fucking kitchen (customers: don’t ever go into a kitchen, it isn’t cool) and starts yelling at the waitress, full on no holds barred yelling in her face. Him and his table full of other cunts have all ordered Spiced Ribs, Chalupa Seafood baskets, T-Bones, Rib-eyes — as a cook, the more advanced the meal, the more I love to cook it. You come into the restaurant and order the fanciest, most gourmet thing on the meal, and I love to do it. That’s why I’m there. I like to hone my skills and I like people to appreciate them.

What you don’t fucking do, is come into the kitchen mid-peak on a Saturday night because your food is 40 minutes late. there are 85 other people waiting to eat before you. You came out tonight to have a good time and eat, I get that, it’s shitty seeing other people get their food before you. I get that. They ordered a fucking cheese dip though, that we heat in the microwave, which costs 6$. Sorry that it’s easier to make than the high-menu shit you’re ordering, you piss-sucking sack of fucks. That is no reason to call a perfectly innocent teenage girl a stupid whore in the highest angriest voice you can muster.

– Juan