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I used to work for Bennigan’s and it was fun at first until I got stuck on the swing shift nearly every week. This lady and her husband would come in right after the lunch rush and sit at the same table everyday. She would order the seafood platter for the both of them even though he DIDN’T want it. She would eat most his plate leaving him with one piece and a hushpuppie and when it came time for the check, she would try to negotiate the bill and NEVER left a tip!

Not only did they never tip one day they stole my tip off another table! These teenagers only purchased fries and drinks and left a $20 for their tab that was only $7 at the most. I saw their generous tip sitting on the table and i was stoked! I looked away for a minute to greet another table and looked back and the money was gone and the “seafood” couple had also left leaving only one dollar on the table!

The only way I knew they stole the money off the other table is because there was no one else in that part of the dining area except the new table that just seated. The teens didn’t return and my manager was on one of his many coffee breaks! Lesson learned: grab your tickets as soon as they depart the table! Now when I go out, I personally hand my payment to the waitstaff because I don’t want the same happening to me!


Don’t Mess With Joe

Posted: November 6, 2012 in Fight, Stories
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I was working in a bar in New Jersey. One of the customers (I’ll call him “Joe”, which is totally not his name) had his money on the bar one minute, but it had disappeared the next. He turned to the guy standing next to him and accused him of taking his $20. They argued, and stepped outside. We all ran to the windows to watch, of course. Joe looked kind of soft, but had worked some pretty tough jobs with some shady characters. He punched the “alleged” thief just once, right in the face. The thief’s hand flew open and the money popped out; he looked like a human Pez dispenser. Joe bent down, took the bill and came back inside to finish his drink. As far as I know, nobody touched Joe’s money. Ever. Again.