Sometimes When You get a $1 tip on an $85 check….You Just Have to Give it Back

You need this more than I do….

Funny Japanese Sushi Commercial

Food Court Proposal Gone Bad

Right in front of the romantic….

10 Bar Bets You Can’t Loose

Make some cash…

Professional Eater Kobayashi Doing What he Does Best, Eating 22 lb of Food at a Restaurant 

“It’s possible to die from eating…I think being a professional mean you don’t die….”

Halloween Food Fight: Girls Fight Overt Seat at Restaurant

It will never cease to amaze me how barbaric drunk people get

Fat Waiter Getting Revenge: From Road Trip the Movie 

Ooo…..pardon me….

Waitress Falls Through Glass Window

You thought your night was bad?

Waiting Tables Stand up Routine

Can I start you guys off with some drinks? Maybe a nice tall glass of I-hate-my-life?

Waiter Carries 20 Hot Teas

and I complain when I have to run 2 hot teas….

Terrible Pick-Up Lines Spoken by an English Man in a Bar

Do you have any STD’s, no? great, would you mind getting one?

Modern Toilet a (Toilet Themed Restaurant)

At the entrance is our mascot….a poo poo!

TGI Fridays Parody ( IFH Mondays )

Na you don’t want any of that shit….you got any blow?

Hell’s Kitchen: Gordon Ramsey Takes Care of Rude Customers!

Can you please escort these two ladies….back to plastic surgery

Shit Waiters Say

Where’s the second Juan? You know the Juan that came in after the first Juan….

$5000 Tip

My faith in humanity is officially restored

Why Cant my Sides be Meat?

We not fat……We is pleasingly plump

Another Asshole Customer Caught on Camera 

I know the owner!….(sure you do asshole, and I bet he wants you acting a fool in his restaurant) This guys needs to get beat up

Bon Qui Qui at King Burger

Can I get a boneless skinless chicken breast lightly seasoned…..NO SECUUUURITY!

Fat Man Protests All You Can Eat Restaurant

Like he needs any more FRIED fish….

I Wish Every Customer was This Happy

I bite the fry the fry bites back!!!!

Angry Customer Acting a Fool at Pizza Buffet

I get the same way waiting for deep dish pizza….

Waiter With Fake Dick Prank

You have foot-longs here?

Shit People Say to Bartenders

We want fun shots

Bar Tricks

I Can’t wait to look like David Blaine behind my bar

Where’s the Pre-Shift Food!  

Every pre-shift looks like a pack of barbarians that haven’t eaten in weeks….

Shit Customers Say to Servers 

Ok I am ready, Hold on one second…

The Bartender Hates You

Sounds like a choking squirrel…

Naomi From Waiting Should be Our New Mascot

Ooooo Yummm eeeemm That does sound good….

Shit I Have Heard in Every Restaurant I Have Ever Worked At

She smells like salmon and farts

Bar-Stool Rodeo Trick 

I just fell in love

Amazing Bartender 

I just wanted a jack and coke…